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Something You offers sophisticated apparel, jewelry and shoes to the customer that enjoys timeless designs.  Easy care, travel friendly and great fit is important.  The owner, Carol Edwards, was born and raised in Southern California so comfortable, stylish and relaxed is her style.  But relaxed style can be found elsewhere.  What makes Something You different is their fit.  Here, we understand that as our bodies go through changes, clothing and shoes have to change also.  And they need to fit our changing bodies - which is the challenge.  A woman deserves to look great in all stages of her life.  And Something You embraces that woman and styles each and every one so that she feels and looks wonderful! 

Our boutique offers unique and trending designers including:
Apparel Category
Clara Sunwoo
Habitat - Clothes To Live In
TRIBAL Sportswear and Jeans
Sympli Apparel
Jag Jeans

Jewelry Category
Melania Clara Jewelry
Susan Shaw
Southern Gates Jewelry

Women's Shoes
Charleston Shoe Co
Our boutique experience is different - the customer is the focus starting with an introduction to our store and a general overview of its primary lines all the way down to assisting with first day on the job, wedding outfits, date nights, cruise wear and much more.  Sales staff is carefully selected to be helpful, friendly and knowledgeable about our product lines.  We also work with customers on appointment to build a wardrobe that is uniquely suited to you.  Please call us at (919) 557-9984 to schedule an appointment for a fitting.  It's free at our boutique!
Day after day, we hear customers mention that our boutique is different in its offerings and customer service. 
We hope your experience is also different at Something You!

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